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Virgin Media 20Mb Wireless Broadband, Very Slow D/L's, And More...


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hello there, today i upgraded my wireless broadband from 2Mb wireless to 20Mb wireless with Virgin, at first it seemed okay, the changes went on straight away and i was the only one using the familys wireless network. About 10 minutes after the upgrade, i could see the downloads on Utorrent reaching 1600+Kbp but this was only for a verys hort amount of time before dropping back to 200-300Kbp similar to what i was getting on my 2Mb service.

However, when other people are on their computers in the house, the internet for them is VERY VERY slow, taking up to 20 minutes to load a webpage and several ''page cannot be displayed'', this is while Utorrent is experiencing speeds of around 200Kbp, which like i said i could get on my 2Mb service WITHOUT slow internet for everyone else, does anyone else know what is happening please?

Surely this should not be happening, as the most speeds im getting on Utorrent now are merely 200Kbp, any help would be appreciated.

Also, i have checked my router, which is capable of 54Mb speeds so i know it cant be anything to do with that.

UPDATE: i have just tried the OpenOffice torrent, the maximum upload it roughly 18.1Kbp on this download, with Download speeds peaking at 583Kbp this is at 1am where my usage is not throttled

UPDATE 2: It is now 2am, i am currently the only the one using the home wireless newtowrk, and the speeds reach roughly 1.88MB however have just this second dropped down to 240Kbp, just wondering what the hell is foing on with it and why the download speeds are so erratic, it is however slowly climbing back up. The upload however, i have had to change to 5Kbp in order to get this speeds

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