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Different single file torrents with same filename corrupts dwnld file


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version: uTorrent 1.8.1 (build 12639)

actually I first thought my HDD broke or some other shit happened, but after checking everything I've decided to check my downloads better.

And lol, I had 2 single file torrents different in size. 1st 54MB, 2nd 18MB, they had nothing in common except both files had same name "Karina.zip". Aparently while files were downloading they were overwritting each other. Later, when I rebuilt with WinRar that file, got very mized content in it -.- and most of archive was corrupted.

Solution that works for now:

only way to download both files without corruption was to manually delete file Karina.zip and set new download location for at least one file.

suggestion: if there is download with same filename simply rename second download file by appending it name for example to "Karina (1).zip".

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That is correct, but I haven't dreamed when filenames are same that two torrents can overwrite eachother. Thought it will rename or do something else that will prevent overwriting other torrents.

If I were more lamer I wouldn't even notice this bug and probably would think torrent is uploaded corrupted, like many ppl does.

I think its normal for the ppl to download to the same directory (location) all torrent files and sort them later.

I normally select dosen torrents and make queue and let it download. After 24h or more, I check what is downloaded. And if I know to which category belongs I sort it in appropriate location on my HDD's, if not I leave it in download folder.

Now I might reconsider my strategy for not to loose downloaded stuff, as it may be overridden by other torrents.


Oh and yes there were problem while downloading torrent when filenames overlap, ie: some internal checksum check stops download since checksums are incorrect so I had to stop torrent re-check re download, ... this is actually good cause I could identify by this if two torrents with same filenames are downloaded, but if there is 1st torrent already downloaded and I am downloading 2nd I doubth uTorrent will stop download so old torrent file will be lost -.-

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It sounds like I encountered the same issue.

I recently downloaded 3 torrent files that had all been given the same name by the poster, namely "uploads". Each torrent contained a number of files: luckily none of them archived. Mozilla Firefox (or Windows XP?) automatically renamed the torrent files by appending numerals, but when I then loaded them into uTorrent the torrents all reverted to their original name. On completion of downloading uTorrent moved the files from two of the torrents to a single folder named "uploads" in my designated location for completed downloads, mixing the files in the process. Had they been archived as rar or zip files, the archives would have probably been corrupted. The files of the third torrent failed to transfer to the location for completed downloads and stayed in a folder also named "uploads" in my designated location for active downloads.

Renaming the torrent files beforehand obviously doesn't work. I double-checked. You can give a torrent file any name you like, but it will always revert back to the original name that is embedded in the torrent file itself when you load it into uTorrent.

That leaves only the possibility of designating download folders beforehand to prevent file miix-ups, corruptions and misplacements, but that's not a very satisfactory solution (assuming it even works) because there is no way of knowing whether two torrent files have the same embedded name until you load them into uTorrent. You'd have to load each torrent file manually and then check its name against other torrents before you hit the OK button. There is no point in having an auto-load folder if you have to do that.

The other option is simply to live with the possibility of occasional screw-ups and take your chances. I'm hoping that the powers that be will take this issue seriously and not compel us to choose either option. Surely there is a way to fix this glitch.

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yeap just the thing I was talking about

It would be easy to implement this kind of check:

simple check if filename path where to write file is not set check for existance of file if destination filename doesn't exist write and save path, else if file exists rename destination filename with pattern "path\destination filename (n).ext" where n is incremented for each hit when file exists until there is no file with destination filename.

unless internal structure of downloaded torrent has preset filepaths for all contained files, then some smarter code will be required with some state flags.

Or maybe stop download and ask user what he wants to do. This would be less automatic but dumb proof.

Well BitTorrent, Inc will find some solution for current problem I hope only sooner before we corrupt too many torrents with this.

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