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Port Forwarding Problem !!!


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I keep getting the message about port not being forwarded, the yellow icon. My computer's configuration is:

OS : Vista Ultimate

Firewall: Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2009

Router: DI - 524

I tried these methods to resolve the issue but they did not work:

1. Un-installed the KIS.

2. Opened the port in my router after following the instructions from http://www.portforward.com.

3. Tried uninstalling and installing the latest uTorrent client.

Can you suggest me any more trobleshooting ideas to get the uTorrent to work?

Thanks in advance.

Here are the screen shots:





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I have verizon FIOS. I directly get a CAT 5 cable from outside and plug-it into the router. I used to have Vista Home Premium before and uTorrent was working without any issues. It's only after I upgraded to Vista Ultimate, I started getting the port-forward issue.

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I'm getting exactly the same message from the uTorrent port checker. I've also followed the instructions on www.portforward.com. Interestingly, when I initially set up my static IP address, my download speeds rocketed up to 150-200 kbps. I should have left it at that. I then followed their instructions to open the relevant port on my D Link rouer and I was back down to 10-30 kpps. Either way, at no point has uTorrent recognised that a port on my router is open.

I've also opened the relevant port in Vista Firewall, to no avail, and also played around with the router firewall settings.

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I'm having the same identical problem

So you have the exact same model of D-Link router?

Running Vista Ultimate?

With software firewall Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2009?

Otherwise, how is your problem "identical"?

Does your router show its WAN-side ip as a proper internet ip?

...If no to any of these questions, you really should start your own message thread and LIST your problems and equipment!

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