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Downloads do not automatically start


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Downloads do not automatically download

I am using uTorrent 1.8.1 build 12639. When I add a tracker to start downloading, it does not start automatically. The tracker status is stuck at updating. I have to exit uTorrent and restart it and the tracker would immediately connect and the start downloading. I have not made any changes to the standard settings. Everything used to work flawlessly before upgrading.

Any tips?

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i have the same problem and this problem occured since i've upgraded to 1.8.1 and continues with 1.8.2

Here is step by step what is going on:

1- i start downloading a file.

2- Tracker status becomes "updating" and stays so. There is no download/upload (i've waited for a night)

3- while file status is active, i exit uTorrent and restart it. It easyly updates the tracker. Downloading starts.

4- After for example 30 minutes program tries to update the tracker automatically. But can not.

In addition to problem above, queued files doesn't start to. when the first download is over the secont torrent starts. But tracker status is always "updating". And not able to download. And the only way to be able to download is (while download is active) exiting the program and restarting it.

I've opened ports (Checked), using KIS as sec. And as i've told before this situation started with 1.8.1

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in KIS 2009 uTorrent is in the trusted zone as default. I've deleted the entries and recreated them. i will inform the result.


Still the same. It starts but then can not update the tracker. (İ am using a private tracker and no upload or download value seen there for the file i am downloading)

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I am happy to provide you with whatever information you need. For starters, my upload is limited to 15 KB and my download to 80 KB. I am on a 1 MBit connection. Under "Connection" in Preferences, the only item I have checked is "Add Windows Firewall exception". I am not using a proxy server. Under "Bandwidth", the Global maximum number of connections i 200, maximum number of connected peers per torrent is 50, and the number of upload slots per torrent is 4. The box for "Use additional upload slots..." is checked. Under "BitTorrent" all boxes are checked except for "Limit local peer bandwidth". I have protocol encryption set to "forced" with the "allow incoming legacy connection" checked. Under "Queuing" I have the "Maximum number of active torrents" set to 8, and the number is of active downloads as 5. Remaining boxes are unchecked, the ration number is "150" and the other is "0". Seeing that the "Advanced" tab has a lot of settings, let me know which one you want me to report, and I would be happy to do so.

Many thanks...

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I have pretty much the same problem. New torrents just keep updating tracker forever, but works instantly after restart.

It works if I add new torrent about in less than 5 minutes from starting utorrent program.

I think this problem occurs because of very many existing torrents in my utorrent which I'm seeding, about 200-300. Though I'm actually usually uploading about 5-10 torrent and bandwith should not be the problem, because it is nearly never at maximum usage.

Maybe there should be some "force tracker update" feature or new torrent tracker updating could be highest priority by default.

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