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Re-linking torrents to partial downloads - Please assist


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Hello all,

I just had to do a HD replacement with my PC, and before the previous one crashed, I managed to transfer the entire folder with all my torrents - mostly in various stages of completion - to an external storage.

I've just transferred it (the folder containing all the torrents and partial files) back to the new HD, downloaded and installed the most recent version of uTorrent 1.8.1 (Build 12369), and loaded up the respective torrents to (hopefully) re-commence my downloads, but rather than taking off from where they were up to, the torrents are starting to download the files from scratch again.

I've checked the Options>Preferences>General>Check Association on Startup box, but to no avail.

Is someone able to assist in explaining to me how I can link the torrents to the actual partial downloads to save me having to re-download all the accrued files again? I would be very grateful for your help in this matter.



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