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Help with utorrent settings


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Hi , I'm from England,

I have just d/l utorrent 1.8.2. I use a T-Mobile USB dongle. I'm running Norman Sandbox AV and windows firewall. I'm only getting between 3kb/s and 6kb/s (on a good day). Most of the time the yellow triangle is on, however sometimes it's a red circle.

Is it my ISP throttling my connection, or have I not got it set up properly?

I have tried messing with the ports and when I get a good speed I leave it but then it goes back down. Very rare i get a green light.

It has taken 12 hours to get 302 MB!

Any advice or help will be much appreciated.



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As far as I know it is supposed to be 3.6mb/s connection. I will try reading the trouble shooting threads and if I am still stuck I will try and provide some more detailed information.

Is there anyway I can run a test to find out what port is open?

Thankyou for your reply


P.S. I have just done a speed test at testmyspeed.net

Up 1.8 mb/s down 0.8mb/s

I have followed the steps 1 to 5 in Ultima's Guide

I have set my upload limit to 154kb/s and I have UpNp port mapping enabled, and NAT-PMP enabled. I ticked the allow incoming legacy connections and forced outgoing protocol

I tested it out by clicking the link for Slackware-iso.

My light went green and was downloading at between 45kb/s and 116kb/s for 2 minutes then the light went to a yellow triangle. I tried downloading a different torrent and its now back to between 2kb/s and 11kb/s. Yellow triangle is on and can't get green light back on. I don't have a router, can I forward a port for my modem?

I'm sorry for being a nuisance but I'm a complete novice with PC's

Thanks again


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You probably cannot upload 100+ KiloBYTES/second, at least not sustained for hours on end.

What units were your speed tests in? bits/second or BYTES/second?

Why is upload faster than download in your speed test results?

Once you're sure of your connection's speeds, use the 2nd link in my signature.

Wireless connections are often bad, USB is worse...you have both.

This probably requires disabling DHT (both kinds) and Resolve IPs in uTorrent.

Also...set global and per-torrent connections no higher than 100, maybe even below 40.

I've heard of Norman AV causing problems for uTorrent...do searches of these forums for Norman.

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Thanks for all your help so far :) I will have another look at it today.

I also found it strange that my download is slower than my upload. If I download a file from www.uk-buses.co.uk/mm2/portal i get 232 kb/s so I can't understand how the test came back with the figures it did.

I will post again after looking into it a bit more. I apologise for the lack of information I am providing you with but I really haven't used internet/pc for a long time and I have a limited understanding of what it is I'm doing. You have been a lot of help and I really appreciate it.


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Did you do the speed test during "peak" evening hours?

Many ISPs are forced to throttle lines during those hours due to heavy use by many customers at once.

Almost all ISPs don't have enough real internet bandwidth for 1/20th of their customers to use 100% of their rated speed at the same time.

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No, I'm sure it was early hours in the morning. Does Norman AV come with a firewall?

I have read in a post that Norman Firewall interferes with utorrent.

I dropped my max upload to 87 kB/s and max connections to 12. This helped as the speeds were better, however I still have the yellow triangle.

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