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Cannot forward ports! Arrg, and I had it before on my old PC.


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I've done this before (a long time ago), and it's worked beautifully, but now I'm getting an average of 15kB/s download and 45kB/s upload.


- uTorrent status light: green

- Port Checker:


- Speed Guide settings:


- net.max_halfopen set to 8

- operating system: Windows Vista Ultimate 32

- security software: AVG 8.0, Ad-Aware, Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware

- router model: D-Link WBR-2310

- modem model: Motorola SB5100

- Internet Service Provider: Shaw

- connection type: cable

- Speed Test results: 4753kB/s download, 483kB/s upload

I followed the guides at PortForward exactly.

Configuring static IP:

- ipconfig:


- router status:


- Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) properties:


- Network Connection Details:


Configuring router and uTorrent for port forwarding:

- uTorrent-Preferences-Connection:


- router-Virtual Server Rules:


- additional router settings:


I don't believe I've done anything wrong. If any more information is needed, please let me know, I'll have it in a jiffy. lol, "jiffy".

Thanks for your time.

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Hum, I think there is something wrong with your local IP.

In ipconfig pane your local IPv4 is according your DHCP Server Settings (range .100-.199) in router. But in IPv4 TCP/IP properties pane (Vista) you set manually.

I think you don't need to set manually IPv4 TCP/IP, just check the box "Obtain an IP address automatically".

Then when you open a port, write your IPv4 obtained automatically, that's all.

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Nope, that didn't work. The new IP obtained automatically was (as checked by ipconfig and Network Connection Details), and I entered it into the virtual server rules on the router. My speeds are still painfully slow and the µTorrent Port Checker says "Error! Port 62746 does not appear to be open."


Hmm... I ran the test again after changing my IP to, which is inside my DCHP range, and entered it into the virtual server rules. The µTorrent Port Checker gave the OK!

Let me do it again see if it's still like that.

No, I got ERROR! again.

This is very annoying. During the time it said OK!, my download speed was still only 30kB/s, and it goes that high when it says ERROR! sometimes.

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Ok so there is some progress! :)

The best thing to do is to reserve an static local IP to your computer (with your MAC address). It will be more easy to add port forwarding rule in the router.

After that add 2 rules in your router to forward a port (TCP & UDP) with the port number and your static local IP.

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Could you explain your steps a bit further? I'm not sure what to do. Thanks.


I've done some crazy settings changes, and I've been able to achieve speeds above 50 kB/s for short bursts. First, I lowered my max upload rate to 40 kB/s, then I disabled UPnP on my router, changed the ports on both uTorrent and on the router, and made a different static IP outside of the router's DCHP range. The speed seems to go up to 60 kB/s for a bit, then go down to 20 kB/s, then up again etc., but it seems unusually close to my upload speed, and I do find it strange that my upload rate is so high in comparison to my download speed.

The Port Checker still says that the port is not open.

I just ran the Port Checker about 30 seconds later and it said it was open.

It seems that one in ten times, the Port Checker says that the port is open. It's still not working properly.

Hmm... At one point, my computer said that a network cable was unplugged, and my download and upload rates took a plunge. It took a while, after physically taking it out, and plugging it back in again, to stabilize, but again, my download speed is still only around 40 kB/s, which is the same as the upload. The Port Checker still says that the port is not open. Increasing or decreasing my upload speed seems to decrease my download speed.


My speeds have shot up to 100 kB/s and the port checker still says that the port is not open.

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Yes, I did that. Strangely, I decided to do everything all over again, and made some radical changes such as disabling UPnP on my router and making a static IP outside the DCHP range. Today, I managed a download speed of 588 kB/s at one point. Thanks for all your help guys. I probably would have given up if you stopped suggesting things.

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Disable DHT (both kinds), Local Peer Discovery, UPnP (if you haven't already), NAT-PMP, and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window of an active torrent).

This way you only need to forward the incoming port on your router using TCP, not UDP.

There will be less chance of overloads as well.

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