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Web seed Peers can show in the tracker list ?


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when you create some torrent with "Web Seed" then its appear some time and sometime don't,

So when appear its showing as normal peer in the same Tracker .

The request is the next :

Add in the section a new item "Web Seed" similar to DHT LOCAL PEER SEARCH etc...

I don't know if that is possible ?

Thanks in advance

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This request doesn't even make sense in the first place. Webseeds are supposed to be (and are) treated as backup seeds. Why should a seed -- a peer -- be moved from the correct tab (Peers) and into the wrong tab (Trackers)? Should we also move connections to any normal seed into the Trackers tab as well?

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> how can you know if thats work or not thats all

Every client would have to connect to the web server to know if it is working or not. That is a lot of connections that actually could be used to send blocks to peers. If you want to know if your web server is working, just go to your web browser and paste in the web address. If you can download the file, you know HTTP seeding is working. You can double check in your access_log and you will see a GET status code of 206 (partial content).

added: may 5th 2009

Now that I think about this more, I think web seeds could be verified by the torrent site. For example, Mininova & TPB, have seeder & peer numbers. They could add a third metric called web seed. If they wanted, they could verify to see if the web seed URL(s) worked (http status code 206) and +1 to the web seeder count.

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