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Copy Peer (single peer copy)


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Would be nice to have the option to copy 1 single peer, or maybe have it only only copy "selected"/highlighted peers?

None highlighted = copy all peers in swarm.

1 or more highlighted, copy only those selected/highlighted.

All highlighted (as in, Control+A, and then Control+C, or right click and Copy Peerlist), copy all connected to you (ones that are shown in the GUI peerlist)

I like the current "copy peerlist" in that it copies all peers currently connected to the tracker/swarm (including those who you arent connected to. But in large swarms, it would make it easier to copy only a single peer address, rather than sorting through the whole list.

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Good idea, IMO. Something else I'd like to have added to the "copy peerlist" option - more details. :P For example, at this stage it just copies the IP:port. I'd like it to copy a tab-separated or XML table with IP:port, client, country (if detection is on), flags, down/up and pretty much everything else in the Peers tab.

..But that's just me, and it's certainly not a high-priority thing :P

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