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Question about seeds and peers - like Seeds 0(1) and Peers 0(2)


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When a given torrent has this in the Seeds and Peers columns:

Seeds Peers

0(x) 0(y)

Where x is a low number (like 1) and y is a low number (usually 1 or 2 more than x) what exactly does that mean?

I guess it means that I'm not connected to any seeds or peers for that particular torrent - but why not?

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I don't do a lot of torrenting, so I'm not familiar with what numbers I should be seeing in those columns, or how fast my total upload and download speed should be. DSLreports testing I usually get 4000+ kbps down and 500+ kbps up. My ISP is Sympatico (Bell) so I know there are throttling issues (but only for my upload speed? Or will it also be my download speed?).

I just tried a test download of OpenOffice. Here's what I see:

Seeds Peers Down speed Up speed

47(154) 4(23) 50 - 75 kB/s .1 to 3 kB/s

Many seeds in the list (about 1/2 of them) that are showing 100% are not uploading anything to me (nothing in the Down Speed column).

Of the seeds that are downloading, only 1 is fast (40 kb/s). Pretty much all others are each less than 1 k/sec (.1, .2, etc).

Is this normal to see lots of seeds uploading to me at a very low rate - like a fraction of 1 kB/sec?

> These numbers are seeds/peers reported by the tracker,

> anyway that doesn't inculde hidden or not reachable peers etc..

So why would I be seeing Seeds 0(1) ? Is there a seed for that torrent, and why am I not connecting to it?

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