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uTorrent LAN Helper (T-Help)


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I've always had a large home network, always 5+ independent and constantly in use systems, filled with people who love to use uTorrent. As time has gone on the size of media and availability of so much of it has led me to find myself dealing with crippled internet connection or complaints of downloads taking to long because I've turned down everyone's settings. here is my solution...


Welcome To TeamMC!!!

WebSite: http://TeamMC.cc

E-Mail: john@teammc.cc

Program WebSite: http://teammc.cc/utorrent

Program Version: / 20100208b

Related Project: uTSpeed (http://teammc.cc/utorrent - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=38511)

uTorrent Website: http://www.utorrent.com

uTorrent Project Topic: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=391389

uTorrent Version: 1.8.x to 2.1.0

uTorrent LAN Manager is a small AutoIt program to help manage and consolidate the use of utorrent accross a multi user network.

It addresses two problems/concepts…

A. Optionaly adjusts download & upload limits in all uTorrent clients when network PCs are in use, so that the most sharing is possible, and fastest downloads are possible without effecting regular internet use.

B. Optionaly consolidating torrent downloads to one computer (like a media server) with the intent to share the download folder accross the network.

If You Dont Know About AutoIT Check It Out At http://autoitscript.com


LanManager x.x.x.x.exe - The program executable, execute this file to install the program.

Folder "src" - (Source Files) These are the source files.

=====uTorrent Settings=====

uTorrents WebUI needs to be enabled before the use of this application, to do this:

1) Goto the settings menu and click on the Web UI option.

2) Check 'Enable Web UI' and configure a Username and Password

3) Check 'Alternative Listening Port' and change the port to something random (8080 is often fine but a 'first stop' for an attacker)

4) Click Ok and then use the same settings when you use uTorrent LanManager, the host will be the address of the computer with uTorrent (localhost for the same computer)


1) Install (Leave as default directory, changing directory isnt working)

2) Choose the settings you want

>Listen For Torrents: Only one client should have this set (no error checking), this will allow other clients to send torrents to this one.

>Listen For Active State: Any number of clients may have this on, this will adjust the speed limits of utorrent on the client once activity on any client is detected

>Send Torrents: Set a .torrent association and prompts you to send to server or open localy once you execute a .torrent file

>Send Active State: Broadcasts accross the network when you are moving your mouse so that uTorrent speeds will be adjusted.



*Added: Token Auth support for the utorrent webui

*Added: Broadcast a message to all clients from the torrent host, like: "Restarting Server In 5 Minutes"

*Fixed: WebUI port box was missing from the settings GUI

*Chnaged: IMPORTANT: The ports that communication is performed have changed, old versions wont be compatable with this one unless you use the settings ini file to manualy change the ports

*Changed: Updated this program to comply with my updated _myfuncs.au3


*Changed: Use TCP for actual torrent transfer, and UDP for active state broadcasts and server anouncments


*Added: Broadcast system, no need to specify addresses

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