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Download tasks' 'paused' state - is not being kept in-between sessions


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Ultima: Sorry I missed you @ 10:33 ... ? ... where was I ? please specify your timezone next time ... :)

>[10:33:08] <@Ultima> *why* should pause translate to stop?

who said it should ? it should stay paused (=auto-run+pause)

>[10:33:30] <@Ultima> *why* should pause, something that is temporary, be carried across sessions?

who said it's temporary ? ... well I know what you mean, and this does make some sense, but... it's up to us to define it the way it will be more useful ...

>[10:33:36] <@Ultima> *how* is it a bug?

if a user was at a paused state (or forgot to change it before exiting, meaning there was NO download running) why not just leave it so, the way he might have wanted to? Why decide for him ? I guess it's also easily implemented, no rocket science logic...


opps... I see the previous post was deleted ? ...

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Yes, deleted because I decided I don't feel like furthering a silly debate that could go either way. It's all down to interpretation of the pause action.

IMO, it's a complete waste of resources to have paused torrents on startup. Also, think "number of users complaining about how µTorrent doesn't have an auto-unpause after X minutes", and multiply it by 100. Or more.

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For clarity, I'll just mention that I removed the post before you responded. That said, I don't care to censor without just cause. So now that you've reposted it, it's just a *shrug* and whatever.

I still disagree that the current behavior needs changing, but again, as I mentioned earlier, "It's all down to interpretation of the pause action."

And I'm moving this to the requests forum.

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