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rename/retarget ideas


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Re-seeding files from torrents that have been long deleted is a pain when the files have been sorted into a bunch of different folders, some maybe even having been renamed.

Although good for individual files, the "rename/retarget" of many other clients doesn't quite cut it.

Two ideas:

The first, the search variant, would just mean to "search specified folders", preferably with a "search subfolder" option, to flatten directories and check for matches in the torrent data.

The "shared folder" variant would be just hashing all the files in a folder and outputting them to a file, much like in DC++, and comparing them to files in a torrent. either automatically or upon request.

Since I have doubts about my own ideas (because of not knowing everything about hashing in bittorrent), anyone care to explain/link to explanations of how bittorrent divides pieces/files and what, precisely, the data in a torrent refers to?

And in the case that the above isn't possible, a more primitive idea would just be to check the names and data size of files and, in the case of not having only one match, have the user specify which file to use.

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