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uT 1.8.2 (build 14153) + uTP + Firewall = +80% CPU usage


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Hi there!. Well, the last days I was testing this new release of the client, and I have detected a high, a very high, usage of the CPU. Above of the 80%, sometimes it uses 100%. The combiantion seems explosive, uTP (3) + any firewall.

I have tested several firewalls (zonealarm (versions from 5.5 to the lastest beta), the windows buildin firewall (I know...), Outpost Firewall, Commodo, etc.

All of them are using all the CPU when uTP is running.

Another thing I have detected is that there is a lot of up stream. Like +70KB/s, when actually is not uploading nothing to the peers. At least that is what the tracker(s) see.

This two issues I have see, I dont have any troubles with uT 1.7.7.

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