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Preventing torrents to die


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Adding an tag to mark a leecher as "last seed" can help in this problem.

Now to explain in detail.

I finished downloading a certain file month ago but ratio is 0 because nobody requested it, and even I am on good faith and usually keep an torrent till makes ratio over 1, I will delete an file even have lower ratio if I need space. So if there are no other seeds, I kill that torrent.

If I see that I am the last seed, I will keep the file till somebody will take the flag of the last seed.

Sure, there will be an jerk sooner or later to ignore this tag/flag/mark/label, how you want to name it.

So for better chances there should be 3 such last mohicans. The very last "ultimate".

When a new one finish, he will be ultimate, and the preevious ultimate, became penultimate, and next antepenultimate. In any of the three cases, you are not allowed to remove torrent. I mean to be attentioned if try. You programmer know better the details about how to do it.

So after other three get the file you are free. And if there are a jerk or two to ignore warnings, and bypass safety metods, hopefully will be a last one to keep the torrent alive.

Maybe, finally torrent will still die, but chances to survive will be better

Thanks for your attention


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