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Hi all,

I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and am unable to connect my laptop to the internet. There are internet computers here but time on them is limited to 30 min. I also cannot install anything on them (admin only). I have installed utorrent to a thumb drive and it is working fine just so long as my torrents take only 30 min. However, anything longer and I have to pause it. When I resume later, the already downloaded portion is still there, but utorrent ignores it and starts from the beginning again. How can I get it to save and resume where it left off?

Thank you for helping.

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Oh yeah, surely each computer of your internet room may assign a different letter to your flash drive. In addition I guess you're not the only one to plug devices in these computers.

If you have only few torrents loaded in uT, you need to change the download location of each torrent. when you have pluged your flash device.

Stop the torrent job. Right click. Advanced > Set Dwl Location. Restart the torrent job.

Anyway you can use BEncode Editor to change in one click the drive letter if you have a ton of torrents in uT. Edit resume.dat with this freeware and use function "find/replace".


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