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torrents stop once they are fully downloaded without my permission


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I am not sure whether this should rather be posted in the "bugs" forum and i hope i am not opening a new thread for a problem that has been discussed before, but i am too much of a totzal noob to be able to really identify a bug and i couldn't find any similar thread by using the search function or scrolling through the first pages of the forum.

I am using µTorrent for at least a year now and my current version is 1.8.1 and i never had any problems with it.

But since today, torrents i started are suddenly stopped automatically once they finished downloading. I did not change anything in the options and i did check and the function that automatically shuts down torrents after downloading them is definitely deactivated, at least the option menue says so. I have no clue why the program suddenly is doing things it shouldn't do, without me changing anything in the menue.

Can anyone here help me with that problem?

I want to keep seeding, so i won't ruin my share ratio at the trackers i use.

Thanks in advance.

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