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New PC. I get BSOD on Utorrent and Azureus and Bittorrent.


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XP Pro SP3 up to date

Intel i7 920

EVGA X58 mobo driver

3x1gb G-Skill DDR3-1333 RAM

nVidia GTX 260 (new 55nm version) driver 181.22

All three of the torrent programs listed in the title give me BSOD's after a varriable time.

System is stable when folding/games/movies as long as Torrents not running.

Torrent running alone gives BSOD.

Brand new build as of Friday so HDD is clean install.

I have overclocked but have gone back to stock speeds and problem remains.

Edit: Forgot to mention mobo is flashed to newest available BIOS

Edit2: Doah forgot to mention: Utorrent version 1.8.2 - Vuse version - Bittorrent version 6.1.2

I'm using Avast anti virus

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Thanks for the reply schnurlos.

The BSOD's tell me almost nothing - "suspected driver" with all three programs.

I'm guessing it's the nVidia GPU driver as the GTX 260 55nm card is very new and perhaps there is something different in the 55nm version - just a wild guess though.

Seems the error is consistant across the three torrent programs though and that is strange to me.

Could very well be I need to wait for a new GPU driver beta release.

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