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very slow downloads


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hi all .. Ive got a problem with my utorrent. The arrow at the side is red and i have very slow downloads. I have forwarded my routers ports correctly.Windows firewall is turned off. I have just instaled utorrent today. speed guide shows that 51599 is open. i will try anything to fix this ..

Windows xp home sp2

netgear dg834g v3 wirless router

i have just installed vuse and bitcomet and they are both not working the same problem . I have tryed downloading a test tracker and its the same . Still get the red arrow. Any help with this would be great . I also tryed another router and still have the same problem.

screenshot of my utorrent.


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That "patch" is a 3rd party program that hacks one of Microsoft's networking files.

Microsoft often "unpatches" it after major windows updates. (...that are best done!)

If uTorrent has net.max_halfopen set more than 80% of Window's half open limit, it will often have problems. So the simpler solution for problems related to half open connections is to try lowering net.max_halfopen to 1-4.

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