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problem with static ip


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Hi everyone,i ve used utorrent for 3 years,my old isp was using a-dsl in Turkey,and i could easily open port for utorrent,i m living bulgaria now and my new isp is interbild,they configurated my connection,but i cant open port for utorrent,it s using static ip, i think that i did everything right,but utorrent says port doesnt appear to be open check ur network/firewall setting....

i also enabled dmz setting for lan ip(,still got error.

I m using vista with no firewall/antivirus or like another program,vista s firewall s turned off.There re some ss about my modem s setting.Sorry for my bad english.

Is there a probability that isp block utorrent?Sorry for my bad english.






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your only hope probably will be to enable IPv6 as it should get through the layers of NAT and give you a nice routable address. Unfortunately, you'll not find nearly as many peers who are on the IPv6 internet so your d/l experience may not be great.

Or, you could find another ISP that gives out "real" ip addresses.

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This is the reply mes. from my isp:

If this is the case, you may need a public IP address from our network in order to achieve outside access from the Internet to your router. After that, depending on your router configuration, the router may transfer this communication to some computer in your home.

As I explained above, if you want this communication to come to your router you need to have a public IP address that is reserved for you and not shared with anyone else. This will cost you 6lv. additionally to your Internet bill each month. For example if you are now paying 30lv. for 30mbit Internet access your price may become 36lv. and this will include your public IP address for your router. If you consider to get this service you will have an IP address like 94.190.something.something and this address will be assigned to your router. If you then try to connect to your IP from some outside computer you will have this traffic coming to your router and you will successfully manage it going to anywhere you want.

If you consider not to have a public IP address you will continue working with an IP address that is local for the Interbild network (you know you have something like 10.x.x.x) and you will not be able to initiate incoming communication from outside Interbild network to your router. If you need to initiate incoming communication to your router you may either get a Public IP address for the price we explained or you may try to connect to your router via your local network IP address 10.x.x.x. but the last option will only succeed on condition that your computer and the computer initiating communication are both in the Interbild network.

If you have any other questions or need more help please do not hesitate to contact us again.

So i need to pay 6 more leva and they give me an pub. ip adress and i can open ports.Am i right?

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