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Won't Download - No Incoming Connections


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I have just started trying to use utorrent and I haven't been able to get it to work right, yet. Here are specs:

I'm using Windows Vista

Using utorrent 1.8.1

Using DSL internet

When I add the torrent to the download list in utorrent, I get the yellow triangle saying that I have no incoming connections. I have seen the green check mark once. In the last hour, it has only downloaded 0.2% of the 1.04 GB.

In the tracker tab, I have the following:

DHT - working - - 0 Seeds - 8 Peers - 0 Download

Local Peer Disc. - working - - 0 seeds - 0 peers - 0 download

Peer Exchange - working - - 0 seeds - 1 peers - 0 download

http://www.torrentsnipe.info..... - offline (timed out) 28 m - 0 seeds - 0 peers - 0 downloads

Any help or suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

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if ther are no seeds then no-one has the file your after or they have there pc turned off,(if there is no bread in the store,you cant buy any)try options then speed guide,set up your connection speed remembering you are only setting the upload speed,,ie xx/512k the xx is download speed whereas the number is your upload speed,test to see if port is forwarded and run a speed test to find your upload rate,there are maney port forwarding/static ip guides on the net,go to the speed guide all the info will be there,also ensure your port is at the high 4xxxx to mid 5xxxx

hope this helps a bit

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