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Trying to set up utorrent


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thanks, again. i did go to speedtest.net, and i know both my upload and download speeds already. i just don't know how to get to the next step. according to the setup guide, i'm supposed to go to "Options > Speed Guide," and then "select the listing closest to your upload speed," but as i mentioned in my first post, i don't know where "Options" is. is this on the utorrent website? is it on my computer? is it on the utorrent application. i can't find it anywhere.

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Sure thing. NoOneButMe answered the original question completely (though admittedly in awkward chunks and pieces -- probably didn't read carefully initially). If the user can't find the preferences dialog, I can't see why the staff is to blame. It's bog standard on any Mac application to find it in the application menu.

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Actually, I think I see why the person became frustrated. If that person is like me, has just installed utorrent, then they didn't know where to go after preferences.

I searched google for the same thing and came upon this thread. You still haven't mentioned where to go once you go to preferences.

I checked under bandwidth and found download limits and upload limits after reading this thread.

Maybe assuming the person didn't know where to go after that would have helped?

My point? If you are going to help people on this thread when they have stated they know nothing...like me, then break it down in small little point by point bits.

This will save everyone's sanity.

If you don't have the patience to break it down for people like me...ie complete utorrent morons...then maybe just leave it and don't answer at all?

Thanks for the giving at least some info to get me on the right path!

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