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Help please...trouble seeding


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I downloaded files from two very large torrents. As they were downloading (and once finished) they were seeding, albeit quite slowly.

I accidentally removed the torrents from my list. I went to the folder with the torrent files and re-opened them into utorrent. For some reasons they will not seed now.

I want to seed them to get my ratio back up.

I am pretty new to this stuff...what am I doing wrong??

I'd appreciate any help at all...thanks.


40 views and no reply...does my question not make sense?...am I not providing enough information?...or are newb questions ignored?


OKay more views and no replies...let me expand on my problem (in case it makes ANY difference to someone responding).

I completed downloading all the files within the two torrents I referred to above. As I said, I accidentally deleted both from my list on the utorrent screen.

When I click on the torrents and choose 'open', they show up again in utorrent...BUT...they begin downloading again (even though I already have all the files). I click on the files list immediately to choose 'don't download' for each of the files. The arrow beside the torrents turns to a red download arrow and becomes inactive. But it does NOT begin seeding.

What am I doing wrong?




Wow, these forums are sooo helpful.

Not one person, not a mod...can help me??

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Thanks torrero...I really appreciate the reply.

I tried doing what you said.

The data I downloaded is in the folder where my utorrent downloads go to. After I start, stop and force re-check the torrents, there is activity as they are checked...but after checking to 100%, seeding does not begin...the torrents sit inactive (with a grey circle) beside them.

I am sorry...as I said this stuff is kinda new to me...any other advice?

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Well, with the help from you guys, I was able to force re-check the torrents and it seems to work.....BUT....one torrent goes up to 97% an the other to 98%....they have a red arrow beside them and are not seeding.

I went through the files from each torrent that I did and didn't download and changed the ones I never downloaded to "skip" in the file list, which helped boost them up to the 97 and 98% levels.

Does the fact that they are not going to 100% mean that I must have modified the data (even though I do not remember doing so).

What are my options here now?


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The same happened to me. Must be a bug. I accidentially changed an image file in a 10gb ELP torrent, but when uTorrent did a re-check, it also reduced the size of several adjacent files, eg. taking an xxx.ape file from 100% to 98.5% or something. Now I cannot finish the torrent, and seed to others (the torrent doesn't connect to the torrentserver). Must be a bug in the recheck function of the program or something (this is with v0.9.1)

This is with torrents.ru though.

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