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utorrent suddenly stops working properly... help!


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I have been using utorrent for years and love it.. I have never had a problem. I use version 1.6 because its always worked best for me. I have had my ports forwarded for a long while, do not use zone alarm, peer guardian or anything like that, just avg free. I am getting Seeds: 0 of 0 connected, Peers: 0 of 4345 as example. The problem only started yesterday. One file I have been downloading for a few days (5gb) is almost done and occasionally it will download or upload, but no other torrents. Some of the trackers are working, some are offline, but this is normal.. I tried out a private tracker, downloaded torrents that normally FLY and they wouldn't even download, even though the tracker was online and others were having no problems pulling top speeds off the torrent. I have vista, have my wireless router connected to a desktop pc, I am on a laptop. Below are caps of what you might need to know, if you need more info just ask... please help. thanks.


(from desktop computer)








just downloaded Deluge and torrents are working normally. it IS a utorrent problem.

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The Deluge I mentioned earlier is getting CRAP speeds. so... there is still a problem period, not just with utorrent. I have not changed any router settings, so whatever happened just happened... cause its been working fine like this for a long time. Notice my nodes.

I did figure out something. When I took the first cap below I had it on port 50502 and the status was YELLOW, I changed the port to 50503 in the second cap and it turned RED! I have both those ports forwarded... and I know its .100 - I use VNC to check my number... utor52.jpg

Thanks for your help DreadWingKinight



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I fixed it. I picked a random port, forwarded it like I did the others and the green check came right on.

I do have a question.... it seems that when I upgraded from 1.6 before I could not connect, or there was a big problem.. Can you give me pros and cons of updating?

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