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Icon showing scheduler is on/off or Auto turn on scheduler


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I know these ideas were repeatedly shot down left, right and center, but something needs to be done. I would invite the programmers to look more into this.

Right now if i disable the scheduler because the bandwidth becomes unexpectedly available inside of a schedule, and I forget hours later, then the scheduler remains turned off forever. That leads to problems for the next day when uT takes the whole BW for itself, especially when the person using uT isnt even home.

The assumption for uT seems to be that only 1 person is using the BW at all times. That isnt true for the vast majority of us who share bw with roommates etc.

If you had an icon that shows the scheduler is on or off then it would be far more bloody obvious. Even better is if there was a timer that autoenables the scheduler after it's turned off. If not this, then why not a popup bubble reminder every 1 - 2 hours?

uT is all about usability isnt it? This is by far a useful feature for most folks here. I would rather have this than even RSS.

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