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Error: The media is write protected / resume.dat problem?


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Oddly enough trying to resume two of my torrents has caused the error that the media is write protected, which is incorrect. It's a hard drive and new torrents seem to work fine. I think my virus scanner (Avast - Home Edition) flagged and blocked resume.dat though which caused utorrent to error. Should I be worried about a virus in that file or should I tell my virus scanner to ignore that file?

UPDATE: The problem seems to have been linked to the jMicron JMB36x SATA RAID controller driver. The driver had a bug that sometimes caused the drive (in my case a RAID1 (mirror)) to suddenly become write protected for no reason. Updated drivers for the controller can be found here:


I used JMB36X_WinDrv_R1.17.46WHQL.zip

This seems to have solved the problem.

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