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Can't download torrents using Firefox


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So I have 2 internet browsers, Yahoo's IE 7 and Firefox, which I both use frequently. But for a long time, I've not been able to download torrents with Firefox so that I can either save or run them on utorrent. What's wrong? Is there a problem with the browser or pc in general?

Also, is it better to have utorrent immediately run a torrent instead of saving it and then opening it with utorrent?


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That happens because the Internet Explorer is the default Internet service connected with ALL the programs. Unless you disable the IE(meaning you DELETE it), you won't open the file from Firefox to uTorrent, resulting like this program u happen to face.

Try it

1) "Start" box of your windows

2) Control Panel

3) Add/Remove Programs

4) Add/Remove of the Windows Programs

5) -- UNTICK -- the Internet Explorer

6) Press "OK"

and you're done with this...Later it will open from Firefox to uTorrent by default, since it'll recognize that you disabled the IE. That simple...

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