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uTorrent not downloading


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My utorrent (ver. 1.8.2) is behaving strange for the past week or so.

Earlier I downloaded a lot of stuff, and did not have this problems.

1) I am connecting via a proxy server.

2) I carried out the necessary speed tests and set the values for uploading

etc. as indicated on uTorrent site.

3) Earlier I used port 6881, and now I tried tweaking the number several

times (as suggested on uTorrent site), but the port does not seem to be

getting forwarded! I checked Windows firewall, and uTorrent is allowed.

(Do I need to set additional ports in Windows firewall to allow my the

communication to happen? TCP or UDP?) I remember that even when utorrent

was working, I always had a problem checking if the port is forwarded.

4) The strange thing is that uTorrent client appears to show individal

torrent's trackers are connected and working fine, and it also shows

(on the status bar) that downloading and uploading is happening! But

nothing next to each torrent.

Am I missing out something? I will appreciate any help in this regard. Is

there a good way to find out if our local proxy is somehow blocking uTorrent


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