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Selective torrent encryption & incoming legacy connections


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I was wondering about this and whether it would be difficult to implement such a thing.

In the Options menu there is the ability to Force Encryption and disable incoming legacy connections.

However, when you enable incoming legacy it does it globally for all torrents listed in the UI. There are some torrents (low seeded) that it would be beneficial to allow incoming legacy for that particular torrent only, and other torrents (high seeded) that can stay on Forced Encryption. That way you can still keep a bulk percent of your traffic encrypted and still grab particular low seeded niche torrents without having to flip the global incoming legacy option on and off effectively bypassing the point of forced encryption [in my mind].

Does that make sense?

x.torrent has seed/peer ratio of 0.05 -> desired forced encryption yes incoming legacy connections

y.torrent has seed/peer ratio of 5.00 -> desired forced encryption no incoming legacy connections

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