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At wits end :(


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I am at my wits end (hence the subject) on how to fix my uTorrent speeds....I know there are a million guides out there to help fix problems and I'm pretty sure I've looked at them all :P I'm getting ~7kb/s download average and ~30kb/s upload

My info:

OS: vista

ISP: shaw cable

antivirus: avast

router: none

status: green check

Speedtest results:

max download: 4900kb/s

max upload: 485kb/s

uTorrent settings:

max upload: 40

global max connections: 100

max peers/torrent 40

Number of slots per torrent:4

port forwarding test: passed

port: 16881

net.max_halfopen: 8

UPnP/NAT-PMP mapping enabled

protocol encryption: enabled

peer.resolve_country: false

solutions I've tried: (besides changing whats above)

connecting directly to modem

changed port

added program and port to firewall (even disabled)

disabled avast

patched TCPIP.sys (no more 4226 errors)

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thanks for the suggestion. Tried both of them with no immediate results. if it was a limit on bandwidth wouldn't it come back up at the start of the month? Its been fairly constant for a while (not quite sure how to go over a bandwidth limit downloading @5kb/s :P) also, generally your allowed to know what your limit is right? I'm not quite sure what is it.

edit: am also testing between 12am-4am, only time my rig is free to download

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