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µT won't connect remote folder, trouble seeding etc.


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I run 1.8.1 (doesn't recognize that there is a 1.8.2 update(?)) under XP. Port forwarded correctly, got ESET NOD32 Antivirus.

I store my files on a NAS (Network Attatched Storage), on my LAN, a Western Digital My Book World Editon 1TB.

I have set µTorrent to store files and trackers in specified folders on the NAS-disc, and it works fine just downloading in a single session. but....

-as son as i reboot µTorrent, it gives me "error:Can't open .torrent file:\\MyBook\public\Torrents\_Trackers_\ (filename)" -or "...\_Trackers_\_used_\(filename)" for trackers finished downloading.

I can do a Force Recheck for each and every tracker, and unfinished will resume downloading. However, not partials nor finished downloads will seed at all from this point.

Only torrents started the same session will keep seeding until µTorrent or my computer is restarted.

I can set µTorrent to automatickly load all trackers from the non-finished tracker folder, wich seems to work for them, but i'd like it to resume finished ones to keep up ratio as well.

But in all, the faulty behaviour described.

Is this a bug or a faulty setup?

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I'm running XP Pro SP3 atm.

Yes, the NAS is running 24/7.

How do i give it a driveletter? Can i set diffrent driveletters for it for diffrent computers?

I can't find any settings in ESET NOD32 that associates with a LAN-location or protocol (?)

There is a exclusion feature, but it only reaches within my computer, there is no way to add a network place. (?)

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