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don,t see IP. Filter in logger tab?


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hi i,m using u/torrent 1.8.1, wanted to look at the blocked list in the logger tab. but it doesn,t show any IP filter, only says :- IPv 6 is installed

torrent storage folder can,t be same as the autoload folder.nothing else,

have right-clicked in peer tab and clicked reload IPfilter, still nothing,

have also clicked "log traffic to logger tab" and have ticked the "log blocked traffic" in the peer traffic drop-down, shows all traffic/connections/ "sending piece", sending choke", etc, but doesn,t show any blocking..?

have searched the forums,tutorials, etc, aware that 1.8.1 has IP blocker incorperated,

have been to ;- preferences> Advanced> IP filter enabled> "true" but...

How can I view the blocked traffic/IP. list,? what am I missing? [apart from braincells]

also tried to manually install an IP. Filter.dat file, in >my roaming torrent folder< still nothing...

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hi moogly, when i open %appdata%\utorrent, it opens as APPData>Roaming>utorrent file, i,ve dragged ipfilter.dat into this,but clearly i,m/this is not the right procedure,what mistake am i makin? and if i get past that, how do i load it into the peer tab.??? tried to drag it into peer tab. utorrent says "unable to load ipfilter.dat. part file. invalid torrent file."

[when i look at the ipfilter.dat file in this folder, it says its a "part file" [1.75MB] does this mean i aint got the complete thing?]

schnurlos, hi,my concern is i dont see the caption moogly has posted above :- [2009-02-04 18:56:19] Loaded ipfilter.dat (292576 entries) when i [right click] in logger tab, makes me think ipfilter can,t be loaded/ working???

any help you can provide,.. in advance,...many thanks!

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You need to write IP to block in ipfilter.dat.

Go to Peers tab of an active torrent. Righ click on a peer you want to block > Copy Selected Hosts.

Open ipfilter.dat in %appdata%\utorrent and paste (ctrl+v). Save.

Then go to Peer tab again, right click a random peer > Load IPFilter.

Check your logger.

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