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UPnp/port forwarding problems


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Hi Everyone,

A small disclaimer before I start; I'm absolutely winging this conversation. i have a vague idea what you all are talking about but when it comes to the specific, please speak slowly.

ok. so i have been using utorrent for years with only the occasional blip which by reading here i have always managed to resolve. i'm really stuck this time.

I recently received a new router, Netgear's WGR614 v9 and also moved provider. Ever since I have been staring at the red circle in the network status bar. i have exhausted all steps that i feel confident in doing. i have tried portforwarding to no effect. even though i had set up the port using portforward, still the red circle. i had tried setting up a static ip to no effect. i clicked upnp, it doesn't work - red circle (and of course, checked the box in utorrent). i have spoken with my isp who said that they don't block any ports and as far as they are aware, i shouldn't have to portforward at all, the router will just pick up the port and things should run smoothly (this is the party line as well as the personal experience of the tech staff). their ultimate advice has been to google the answer. i've tried but totally get lost in the jargon after a while.

I also run Soulseek and without forwarding anything, i have an open port and a correctly running program.

I have checked my firewall, kaspersky, to ensure that it is not being blocked. For good measure, i have ensured that it is not blocked by windows and i have disabled my router's firewall as well.

i have tried port triggering settings on the router; nope. ideally i would like the UPnP to be the way it all happens as it just less of a headache for all concerned.

I am getting decent speeds (around the 200 kB/s and sometimes higher) at times but i can't help thinking that i am not using the programme to its full capacity.

so to the technical stuff.

O/S Vista

Firewall: Kaspersky IS 2009

Router : Netgear WGR614 v9

thanks so much for any help you can provide (and patience). i alternate to just putting up with it and getting so frustrated i give myself a headache. no doubt i have forgotten to mention an essential and obvious bit of information, please let me know and i'll do my best to find it.

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