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Additional built-in labels


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I don't know why I'm allowing myself to keep hundreds torrent. Currently I'm downloading 2 while having 136 torrents in completed section, which:

- 10 finished

- 22 error (I'll get the torrents again later. just for stats)

- and the rest are still seeding

Which to find the error and finished torrents are simply hard.

So I want to ask for another "Finished" label.

Also, as in my post @Better error reporting, I requested the "Error" label. Plz read the details there.

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I would also like to see more built-in labels, especially one for "Seeding" where all the torrents in the Seeding or Queded Seeding state show up in.

I've currently got 1012 Torrents in my list, ye should probably clean up a bit, and it would be nice to easily see which are still seeding.

The Active is not reliable, since it only shows the ones currently transfering.

The current workaround is to Sort the main list by "Status" and find them that way, but this is not very userfriendly.

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