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Installation for SeedBox or Dedicated Servers


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Hi community,

I use SeedBox for my torrents but since yesterday I have a problem.

I can reach my FTP account with my browser and FTP Client but although the WebUI client is installed I can't use my uTorrent WebUI.

It's a RPS (Real Private Server) and since yesterday I saw that my torrents are not seeded anymore than I tried to login with http://94.23.xx.xxx:8080/gui/ but always come "Page is not available" warning site.

Can anyone give me an Idea about it? Should I reinstall it (I dont know how I can ;/ ) or sth helpfull..

Please because I need a help asap!

Thanks community

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I have had this problem too. When it happens I go into VNC and restart my utorrent by going to File>Exit. Then I just start it up again with "wine utorrent.exe" and it works. You may need to change the listening port for the WebUI if it still doesn't load.

I get it get this problem like once a week and don't know how to prevent it.

If anyone knows what is causing this problem, an explanation would be greatly appreciated.


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