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Severe network lag when uTorrent is running. Tried everything!


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I've seen other threads about this, but I have the same problem.

Whenever I run uTorrent, it causes my network to lag severely. I used to be able to run games while downloading with my old PC, but can't seem to anymore. I know it's due to uTorrent because I tried running ventrilo at the same time, and my ping shoots up to 2000~3000. Once I close down uTorrent, it drops down to about 90.

I ran a speed test and got an average of about 5500kb/s Down, 480kb/s Up. At first I misinterpreted the guide and set my Speed Guide on uTorrent to xx/20Mbit and got about 2000 ping on ventrilo. I then changed it to my upload rate rounding down, to xx/384k. Still 2000 ping.

Note: The ping is fairly random: I just looked at it and it's around 1000. 5 seconds later it was 2300.

I am running Windows XP.

My router is a D-Link EBR-2310.

I have already opened the ports.

There is no firewall running.

I've looked at the speed issues guide by Ultima.

My current settings:

Upload Limit: 42.0 kB/s

Upload Slots: 4

Connections (per-torrent): 80

Connections (global): 230 (I've tried setting this to 50, and it still lagged)

Max active torrents: 3

Max active downloads: 2

My specs:

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+


Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce 7600 GT

I'm stumped. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it greatly.

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