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Mybook external HD misplacing files?


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i am using XP PRO sp 2 and utorrent 1.81 with a 600G Mybook external HD 'sometimes' when i open up a completed (or not) folder to burn to disk or convert or what have you - i find that the subfiles which are supposed to be in there have been replaced with different sub files or additional sub files have been added.

an example for clarification;

torrent01 > now contains torrent02.avi


torrent03 > now contains torrent03 AND torrent04

i have yet to isolate what the exact circumstances are that produce this problem because it does not happen enough. however it is quite annoying because if a file is replaced the missing file seems to be completely lost.

i belive the problem is actually the fault of the Mybook it is at %50 capacity containing approximately 300 files, rather than utorrent, i am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem as i searched through this section and found no relevant results.


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