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low/none download/upload speed - connection closed by peer

SweeT EviL

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Upgrade to uTorrent v1.8.2 ...a couple SEVERE half open bugs were found in uTorrent v1.8. :(

(Not everyone had the error nor had it all the time...so it was hard to debug! But if you do have it, your low speeds might be the result.)

2nd link in my signature for slightly more conservative settings, choose either Dial-up (28.8k) or Dial-up (56k).

Disable in uTorrent:

(in Connection) UPnP, NAT-PMP

(in BitTorrent) DHT (both kinds), LPD

Resolve IPs (right-click in the PEERS window of an active torrent.)

Under advanced settings:

Reduce net.max_halfopen in advanced settings to only 3.

Reduce bt.connect_speed in advanced settings to only 1.

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