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DL-speed drops.


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So.. have done some research about my problem and haven't found any help at all to come up with a solution, even thought afew here have had simular problem.

Can begin to tell you I run the Windows 7 Beta. So to my problem:

Everything have worked just fine with µTorrent and Windows 7 until 5-6 days ago. that's when I first observed that my downloads without explanation just dropped in speed from 2Mbit/s to 0.5kbit-5kbit/s, and that goes for all my torrents. When I >restart the program< everything goes back to normal, sometimes a bit longer, sometimes just for a minute or two. It doesn't matter if I leave the computer and do something else or is using it.

I've tried with tips from other thread like shutting down uPnP and stuff (even thought I don't' know exactly what it does and can fix), but nothing have worked.

I have a 24/1 cable modem from Comhem, Sweden, and have never in my 5-6 years of torrent downloading seen anything like this. Have hard to believe it has anything to to with the router because have tried with two and is sitting with a Dlink DIR-655 atm and that's the one I wanna use. I have Norton 360 Beta 3 (the program recommended by Microsoft for Windows 7) and I think maybe it could be the problem even thought I don't know why the downloads works fine for some times now and then but just for minutes other times... If it was Norton it would be some time pattern, or shouldn't work at all form the beginning. Have tried shut down the firewall and anti-virus part in norton completely, but no change.

And btw, Norton 360 Beta 3 is very similar to the normal one, so i can manage from instruction from that one if you think it might have anything to do with Norton 360

Pictures from download speed, exactly the same torrents:


Normal speed, can come up in higher speeds sometimes with good torrents.


Slow speed (if you can call it speed).

So please help!


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If/when it happens again, reset JUST your router by unplugging it for 30 seconds.

Expect uTorrent to take up to 5 mins to reestablish connections.

If that "fixes" the problem temporarily, then your router might be to blame.

Try the same with your modem.

It'd be good to narrow down what does and does not help.

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Hmm.. yes must be the computer. But everything worked to dowload fine in the beginning, the first two weeks or so. Is there any good program to see how much down/up-speed I'm using. Like to see if the torrents downloads in normal speed but "just isn't downloading any way" or something..

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