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How to translate µTorrent


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So, do You want to translate µTorrent to Your language? Read this post carefully and You'll be able to do so. In order to translate µTorrent You must use the tool that we created - µTorrent Translation System (µTS in short). Please note that Your account must be activated first before You can use it. Also note that if there are more than two users who already translate µTorrent to Your language, it could be that Your account will not be activated (unless there are some special circumstances).

Please email Firon or schnurlos to get an account on it.

Initial translation

If You are the only user translating µTorrent to some language, You must first translate all strings. If You have utorrent.exe.lang.txt file that contains some (or maybe all) translated strings, You can use "Upload langfile" option to save You much time. Otherwise, You'll have to translate strings manually.

New version translation

When a new version of µTorrent comes out, an email is dispatched to all (active) translators notifying them that there are new strings to translate. You can check the differences between two builds and view only these strings. Try to translate these new strings as fast as possible, so Your translation can be included in the next language pack.

End notes

When translating, please remember about few things (some of notes below are taken from vurlix's old topic):

- Translate only to Your native language;

- Create a topic for translation to Your language if it doesn't exist already; You can discuss some ideas and problems with translating specific strings there;

- Make sure that string is not too wide so it can fit in it's place in µTorrent (--> test your translation!);

- The & (ampersand) character is used to define keyboard shortcuts for menu items and buttons. Make sure You don't use the same shortcut twice in the same menu or window; Example:


Should be translated as


Try to use the same character for the shortcuts as the original in english.

- Line breaks are represented by characters: \r\n or in some cases by: \n

- String formatters, such as %s are strings modified by the program to add certain information and MUST be part of the translated string, for example:

Error '%s' while downloading URL.

Should be translated to something like this:

Fehler '%s' beim Laden der URL.

- Tabs and menus resize. Buttons, labels and checkboxes do not (some extra space is provided where possible);

- Leading and trailing spaces should be preserved in the translated string. Trailing * (asterisk) are used to hint translators of the presence of trailing spaces and should be present in the translated string, but they are not displayed by the program;

- Do not credit Yourself inside the translation file

- You can credit Yourself inside the translation file (Help -> About); Additionally You will be credited here on the website.

- For Mac users who'd like to translate the client, the client now supports all the same functionality as the Windows client: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=682370#p682370

- To test your translation on Windows, simply use 'download langfile' option and put the 'utorrent.exe.lang.txt' file in the same directory that µTorrent is in. Note that if Your executable has different filename, for e.g. utorrent-3.1.2-latest.exe the langfile should have utorrent-3.1.2-latest.exe.lang.txt filename. For this also there has to be no file "utorrent.lng" in the %appdata% folder, otherwise utorrent is using this.

That's all for now. For feedback about µTS, please use designed thread in the forums. Have fun with translating!

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