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problem forwarding port from modem/router to router......


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Hello.........First my setup is:

provider: Embarq DSL 10.0M download / 896k upload

modem: ZyXel EQ-660R

router: Linksys WRT54GSv7 w/ latest DD-WRT firmware

Computer running utorrent: WinXP w/ plenty of cpu power & wired directly to router

Software firewall: ESET Smart Security v3.0.684.0

(3) other computers wireless - no utorrent access

Everything has been running smooth for a very long time until the past month my internet started dropping out every now and then. So after troubleshooting the best I could and rebooting modem and router with no permanent fix. I decided to call Embarq support to see if there was an issue on there end. Come to find out I needed to install dsl filters on all my phones in the house because of a dirty signal and I also needed to reset my modem (which of course I lost my port forward setting) and perform a "network_winsock_reset". After completing this and rebooting everything; whola.....my speeds were back up and everything was great. So I logged into my modem to forward my utorrent port to the router and it will not work. I for the life of me cannot get this port forwarded and get a green light on utorrent, I've tried everything and now I'm asking for help.....please?


LAN Information

IP Address:

IP Subnet Mask:

DHCP: Server

DHCP Start IP:

DHCP Pool Size: 5

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:




PC w/ utorrent ip:

Right now my modem is port is forwarded to and my router port is forwarded to

The only thing that changed from working great (green light) to now red light (ports not forwarded) is adding dsl filters and resetting the modem to factory.

Can anybody see what I'm doing wrong?

Nobody has a suggestion for me..............do you need more info?

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