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"Error: Invalid download state, try resuming"


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i keep getting this on torrents that i am / have been seeding.

i complete the torrent extract the files (generally movie torrents containing multiple rar's) so i am able to extract the files, i leave it to seed and come back the next day and i get the error. i recheck and the torrent goes to either 99.9 or 99.8% complete. i've checked the files and its always .nfo file and a small portion of the first rar file that dissappears. i try and reextract the content and it doesn't allow me rar error so the content has actually gone, keeping in mind that i was able to extract the day before?

its always the .nfo file and a small portion of the first rar file,

only been happening since i updated to the new version 1.8.1, i notice a cpl other ppl are getting the same error (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=47032)

i can as the other post suggests, recheck and restart the torrent which does work and competes for a second time, but when i leave it and come back the next day the same thing has happened?

anyone have any ideas?


I've updated to 1.8.2 and the problem as stated above is still occurring, someone must have a suggestion or at least confirm that this is a bug and it is being looked into?


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