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Download process has changed - how do I change it back?


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I just reinstalled utorrent after not using it for a few months. (Previous problems with crashing, etc.) It's working great but the way I connect the files for download has changed - this is probably just a noob issue but can someone explain how to fix it?

It used to be when I was at the torrent site (mininova, pirate bay, etc.) I would click on "download this torrent" and a pop up would ask if I wanted to RUN or SAVE the file. I would click RUN and utorrent would open - I 'd click "OK" and the file (.avi or .rar) would begin to download to my comuter.

NOW when I click on "download this torrent" a pop up asks if I want to FIND or SAVE. I click SAVE and the .torrent file is downloaded to my computer. I have to then open utorrent, go to file and click "add this torrent" to get the actual download to start.

Is this just how the program now works? Or is there a way I can adjust it so that I works like it used to. (I'm using all default settings.)

Thanks in advance for any help. (BTW - I'm using XP, s3)

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