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strange problem after disconnect of pc


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iv got a bit of a strange problem here, in regards to downloading torrents -

iv been using utorrent for about a week now with no probs, having downloaded many great torrents.

earlier, my pc was left on to download a large torrent (talkin most of yesterday) and it reached 90.8%

when my elec ran out, causing (obviously) everything in my flat to disconnect.

on rebooting my pc, and examining utorrent theres been a massive problem regarding torrents.

i have about 20 qued, that were showing seeder/leeches fine.

now though, every single one says zero.

zero seeders and zero leeches on all my que'd torrents (popular ones too)

and (more importantly) my massive torrent had stopped at 90%...

iv been unable to restart it at all.. iv tried rebooting the pc, exiting utorrent and restarting etc but all,

of my torrents are dead.

the only thing its telling me is a mixture of 'inactive' or 'not allowed' on the trackers -

dht, peer exchange and local peer discovery.

this applies to every single torrent. iv researched this alittle but the common soloutions seem only applicable

to firewalls and private torrents.

though mine is a result of a disconnect, and the green light is telling my utorent is connected fine.

additional info -

isp - sky broadband

security - mcafree

latest version of utorrent.

anybody able to help here at all?

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