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Want utorrent back as my downloader!


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I have always downloaded all my movies and music using utorrent, & utorrent would always automatically connent and download from any of the utorrent sites... But, my boyfriend downloaded the new limewire as he likes to download single songs from there for his ipod, but since he has done this now all the downloads automatically go to limewire!

I have tried to delete limewire, first the icon on my screen, then again from the recycle bin, but everytime I go to download my movie from the site it is re-opening and downloading in Limwire!! How can I delete it properly, or re-set utorrent to download everything.

Hope to hear back soon...

Ps, my computer is in Spanish as it is my boyfriends so sometimes difficult for me understand all pop-ups, if you could explain in detail.

Kindest Reguards.


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