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setup rss feed for new episodes


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First add this rss feed, to your checklist in uTorrent:

[Ctrl-R] RSS Reader -> Feed Tab -> Add Button

In the edit field type something like that


or choose any other name you want. The paert after ' | ' is important.

Then the main thing filter:

The same "RSS Reader" but go switch to the Favorites Tab, and click the Add button.

A new filter will be created, name it. Like CFH i think :) or something you prefer.

The next part can be done in various styles and set of settings to work, but that's my shoot

Set Filter field: *CFH*

Feed: Choose proper name, if you strictly followed the hints it would be CFH.

Filter matches original name instead of decided name: i'd check it for safety, we can match the entry basing on the real-name and we don't know what decoding can produce.

Minimum interval: Left it at "match always".

Now, with this set of settings this filter will add every torrent which contains *CFH* in it's name from the CFH feed only. According to the link you provided it will be every so * in the filter might work as well, but for safety again, just left as it is in case, something else would appear in the feed.

Don't worry about duplicating torrents as long as you keep them on your list.

Again with those settings, uTorrent, will try to add all the torrents every time it performs a check-up, but since uTorrent just doesn't duplicate torrents only the new ones will be added.

I think that as long as you want to really contribute to this society you won't delete torrents, even if not, you may jsut stop them, and it should work for you.

I won't spam you here with any other set up's, bypasses and work-arounds for now. These settings should do their job well.

'Hope it helped you.

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