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How do you change the directory where the files download in Utorrent?


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Hi All

I was using utorent to download torrent downloads[music videos] and i kept on running out of space in the default "download" folder in my documents.

Its because my main drive where the my documents/downloads folder resides, is a

wimpy 30 gig.

So I would like to move my partially completed torrent downloads to another usb 120 gig external drive, and resume downloading them to completion on that drive.

I created a folder on the 120 usb named "torrent downloads", then copied all the partially downloaded torrent files from Mydocuments/downloads on the 30 gig c drive to the new "torrent downloads" folder on the 120 gig usb drive.

Then I went into the utorrents program and selected options/preferences/directories, and under "location of downloaded files", I checked "put new downloads in", and I browsed to find "torrent downloads" on my usb 120 drive.

Then I go to each of the torrent downloads listed on the main screen of Utorrent and rightclick selected force recheck.

After all this it doesn't want to download.

Any idea what i am doing wrong?

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You're not using the "Set Download Location" function on the already loaded torrents. The settings you've changed are NOT retroactive to already loaded torrents. quote

Got ya, thanks

I did figure out how to do this though, but it is a bit slow and time consuming if you have a bunch of torrent downloads.

What I did was to rightclick on each and every one of the downloading torrents one at a time and select "advanced/set download location", then search for the sub folder location "torrent downloads", where you want to put them,then "ok" it.

Then, "force recheck"

Kinda slow doing it one at a time, but it does work.

Oh yeah almost forgot, you have to rightclick/stop the torrent downloads while you are doing this in order for it to work.

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