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Forwarding through two routers.


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Hi there, basically i have adsl broadband. The broadband is connected directly to a standard router. Now i need my internet wireless, which means i have plugged my linksy wireless router into the standard one. The reason i can't simply connect my wireless router straight into the internet is the connection is the wrong type. Anyway, i set up static IP addresses on both routers, forwarded the utor ports on both. The standard router works fine if i plug it straight into my pc, ports forwarded...sorted. When i plug the wireless one back in and connect to it, ports not forwarded properly...damn. I'm guessing i have to forward the port from the standard router to the wireless router too...but i dunno how to do this cus it won't let me forward the same port twice, even to different IP addresses...So what do i do?

Sorry if i sound like an idiot too :P cheers.

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If you are not bridged (which you seem not to be):

You have to forward your IP with the utorrent port to the wireless router (2).

Than you have to forward the IP of the wireless router (2) with your utorrent port to the wired router (1).


You don't have to forward your IP+port to the wired router (which you have to do while directly conneted to it without using the wireless one).

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