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Problem caused by dynamic IP...i think?


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I was told by ATT that my DSL service provides me with a Dynamic IP address and I would have to pay double for a Static IP. Does this mean that unless I pay the money for the static ip, I'm doomed to always have sllllloooooooooooooow DL speeds? I've done the port-forward thing...and sometimes my speed is fantastic. Then other times...it crawls. I have a brand new D-link DSL-2640B modem/router. Any help is very much appreciated!



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if u want static ip..

u could register for no-ip(www.no-ip.com)(dont need to get a static ip router)

make a host like pmat.no-ip.biz or something then..

in ut >> preferences >> bittorrent >>

in the "IP/HOSTNAME TO REPORT TO TRACKER" put in ur no-ip and port..

if u confused on how to make a no-ip then search youtube ...u'll get some tutorials

good luck!

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Fresh Apples and undead oranges.

If you have a router, you need a static LAN ip...your internet ip can stay dynamic.

They're not directly related.

Even a "dynamic" internet ip usually only changes once every few weeks if you leave your modem off a lot.

www.portforward.com has a ROUTERS section...check it for yours for how to configure uTorrent and your computer for a static LAN ip.

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