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Stuck on "updating...." on 1.8.2


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As described on the title..

Many torrents will stuck on the "updating...." status for hours.

To fix that a stop/start for these torrents is not enough. I have to restart the client.

This happens ONLY on 1.8.2

On 1.8.1 everything is fine..

(Windows 7 x64)

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Kaspersky IS

I'm 99% sure that i've updated the rules for the new app (1.8.2)..

Anyway i've deleted and added again the utorrent process on the firewall just sto be 100% sure.

I'll leave it for few hours to check it again..

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No, not anymore.

This is too old and it was a violation of the terms of service.

We forced them to remove this thing (for sure).

PS: It seems to be OK now as i can see. Maybe kaspersky was the cause.. I'll watch it until this evening to be sure.

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